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Building Envelope

Building Envelope Reflective Roofing Approved Technologies

This database contains the products that are on the "FPL Approved Product List" and are the only products that qualify for the lighting and building incentive program.

Measure Type 
   Mfg Name              Model # Product Name      Installed Solar Reflectance 

ALL-WHITE ROOFS           R400 Rubber                               0.90 

Cover Your Business with Cost-Efficient Resources

We provide business incentives to offset a portion of the cost to make building improvements. Now is the time to upgrade to more energy-efficient resources. Here is an overview of our roof savings program:

  • Installations must be approved in advance in order to qualify for incentives. We may pre- and/or post-inspect.
  • Improvements must be installed by a Participating Independent Contractors (PICs)*.
  • Customers receive their incentive rebate from the Participating Independent Contractors (PICs)*. Government entities are eligible for payment directly from FPL.
  • Retrofit installations only.
  • Eligible improvements include:

    • Reflective roof measures, such as reflective coatings and membranes with a solar reflectance of at least 73 percent and cool metal roofing with a solar reflectance of at least 65 percent
    • Roof insulation of R19
  • Incentives

    • Roof insulation - 5 cents per square foot
    • Reflective roof - 45 cents per square foot